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RestorFlora™ is a probiotic supplement that combines well-studied and widely-used probiotic strains Saccharomyces boulardii, Bacillus subtilis HU58, and Bacillus clausii SC109. This combination of probiotic yeast and bacteria offers comprehensive digestive flora support with an advanced, dual-action approach to maintain a healthy intestinal environment.*


Proprietary Probiotic blend... 360mg
Saccharomyces boulardii (5 billion CFU†)Bacillus clausii SC-109 (1 billion CFU†)Bacillus subtilis, HU58™ (1 billion CFU†)Other Ingredients:pharmaceutical grade cellulose, vegetable capsule (cellulose and water).

Does not contain: Dairy, wheat, corn, rice, salt, sugar, soy, artificial colors, or artificial flavors

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Bottle Count/ Amount

50 Capsules

Directions for Use

Suggested Use: 1-2 capsule per day with a meal, or as directed by your physician. Capsules may be opened to sprinkle contents on soft foods, water, juice, or other non-carbonated beverages for easy consumption.

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