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Clean Skin Club Towels pack of 25

Clean Skin Club Towels pack of 25

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More exfoliation. More absorbency. More Clean Towels.
The revolutionary exfoliating face towel for those who need something a bit extra in their routine- extra exfoliating, extra durable, and extra absorption. 


-100% biodegradable and compostable

- Exceptionally soft and yet durable

- Ultra absorbent

- Can help reduce acne, milia, and breakouts

- A versatile accessory to any routine

- Endless possibilities for usage!


The Original Clean Towels are made of 100% eucalyptus viscose. To make the Clean Towels, eucalyptus is harvested from managed plantations, then broken down into chips that are then washed and cleaned. The eucalyptus chips are dissolved (turning them into viscose), and then sent through a spinneret which produces the soft, cellulose fibers. This fiber is then stretched and pressed, turning them into Clean Towels. The finished product is an ultra-soft and absorbent facial towel.The more you know!

Return Policy

We do not offer refunds on products purchased. Defective products may be exchanged
within 14 days and for the same product only.

Bottle Count/ Amount

25 Pack

Directions for Use


- Dry your face after cleansing

- Wet and combine with cleanser for gentle exfoliation

- Pair with makeup removing balms or oils to gently remove makeup

- Wet and remove face masks, mess free

- Use to clean your skincare and makeup tools

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