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Evivo Infant Probiotic

Evivo Infant Probiotic

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Evivo infant probiotic powder contains B. infantis EVC001, a strain baby needs. Taken daily, Evivo is intended for babies (0-36 months) fed any amount of breast milk to nourish, guide, and protect. Evivo helps establish a protective gut microbiome to support healthy digestive and immune function. Each box comes with a 4-week supply (28 sachets/box). HSA/FSA Eligible

 Parents report relief within days after feeding Evivo Baby probiotic powder 1

        • 72% saw reduced diaper rash
        • 63% reported less gas and fussiness​
        • 52% said baby slept longer​

Evivo is clinically shown to work with breast milk to:​

    • Replenish good bacteria in 100% of babies 2​
    • Establish a healthy gut microbiome​ 2
    • Thrive and continuously protect from digestive discomfort 1, 3, 4​
    • Help support developing immune systems 5, 6​


Purified lactose (milk),

Bifidobacterium infantis EVC001 (soy†)

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Bottle Count/ Amount

28 Sachets

16.8 g

Directions for Use

Mix 1 sachet into breast milk, formula, or solids. Use daily. Feed immediately. Discard leftovers.

The below table has suggested amounts to help with consistency.

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